LCC 2023 Theme:

Relate... Learning through Connections

Getting back to our roots...

We explored many themes over the last few years but wanted to return to our roots for LCC 2023 as we searched for a message that would help celebrate our culture. The LCC Planning Team began their journey by reviewing the participant feedback from last year’s conference and met with various groups at the college to learn about new college initiatives. These observations were shared with our brilliant SLC Communications department as they worked diligently to amalgamate these ideas into one coherent message using one word: Relate.  

Relate: Learning through Connections

This year, LCC is all about how we relate to one another, to our students, and to our world at large. Relating is an action involving sharing, connecting, and being open to learning from what other people have to say or have experienced. This year’s conference will have as much personal relevance as professional, as we come together as a community to grow, learn, be entertained and inspired.

We believe this theme will help us celebrate our SLC community and remind us of the reciprocal nature of relationships. 

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