Planning Team:

Committee Structure & Members

Core Planning Team

The core planning team is responsible for leading strategic discussions pertaining to the conference programming and planning. They will work with various members of the larger planning team by representing a collaborative partnership between HROD and SCTL that promotes professional learning.

Brian Benn

Associate Director of Organizational Development, HROD

Kingston & Tri-Campus


Julie Johnston

Academic & Administrative Support Officer, SCTL

Brockville & Tri-Campus

André Léger

Associate Dean, SCTL

Brockville & Tri-Campus


Conference Theme: Subject Matter Experts & Project Leads

These team members will contribute to this year’s theme by highlighting various college projects or initiatives that showcase our commitment to sustainability. This year’s theme “Think Global, Act Local” will challenge us think differently about sustainability and expanding our understanding to include conversations on social sustainability that promote the importance of belonging/EDI.

This larger theme will be woven throughout the conference as we explore SLC’s Sustainability Plan, highlight the work from the EDI Task Force, and celebrate this year’s SLCinFive 2019-24 achievements with the learning community.

Ekta Singh

Senior Advisor, Equity/Diversity/Inclusion (EDI) and Belonging

Professor, Health Care Administration

Kingston & Tri-Campus

Beth Sills

Director of Facility Management Services

Kingston & Tri-Campus

Janet Greer

Director, Strategic Corporate Planning

Brockville & Tri-Campus

Program Development Sub-Committee

This committee will provide leadership in reviewing and selecting proposals from SLC community to build the conference program offerings. Members of this committee were selected from a pool of applications that were shared earlier this month and include members from various campuses.

Jamie Edwards

Educational Developer, SCTL

Kingston & Tri-Campus


Ashleigh McKeil

Manager, Employee Development

Kingston & Tri-Campus


Jordan Kevan

Professor & Coordinator, Environmental Technician Program


Joanne Rankin

Institutional Research Analyst, Strategic Corporate Planning


Brooke Gilmour

Sustainability Manager, Facility Management Services

Kingston & Tri-Campus

Julie Massey

Professor, General Arts & Science


Jessie Pengelly

Indigenous Student Advisor, Student Services


EdTech Coordination

Our virtual meeting strategy has been led by our colleague John in the SCTL. We would also like to thank all the ITS and SCTL team members for testing all the setups prior to launch.

John Wright

Digital Learning Technology Administrator, SCTL

Cornwall & Tri-Campus

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