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Instructions on how to Login to Teams

How do I join each session?

We have created two ways for everyone to connect to the sessions: (1) use Sched to access the links for each session, OR (2) use an easy handout to click on individual links.

Option 1: Join via Sched website

Each event in Sched has a “video stream” link to a specific Microsoft Teams room. Users can simply log into Sched and click on the session to review the information. You will see a “video stream” button in yellow that you can click on to enter the virtual room.

See Sched Support page below for more details.

Option 2: Participant Guide & Session Links

We have also included the links to every session in the attached “Participant Guide”. This enables everyone to have all the links readily available on the side of their desk for review.

Important Reminder: you will not receive an individual calendar invite from presenters for each session so make sure to be mindful of time and join these sessions. If you registered for the session, you will be sent a daily reminder email from Sched with your registration details.

Additional Information

We invite presenters to review the following "Facilitators Guide" to help get ready for their session.

Having trouble connecting to a session?

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