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How to join the conference?

Room Locations & Virtual Meeting Links

This year's conference will feature 4 plenary events that will be live streamed as well as individual concurrent sessions. 

Room Locations (Kingston Campus)

The room locations for each session is located in the session description. Participants who successfully register for the event will also receive a daily email with their schedule.

You can review your schedule at anytime by logging back into SCHED but can also download it by following the instructions below.

Virtual Meeting Links (Microsoft Teams)

Events that have "virtual" in the title will feature a live link so that participants can join in-person participants for each session. This setup applies to all plenary events as well as select concurrent sessions.

Participants can find the meeting link by logging into SCHEDand clicking on the “video stream” link that is included in the session description. 

See Sched Support page below for more details.

Important Reminder: you will not receive an individual calendar invite from presenters for each virtual  session so make sure to be mindful of time and join these sessions. If you registered for the session, you will be sent a daily reminder email from Sched with your registration details.  

Campus Location

We invite everyone to learn more about the Kingston campus ahead of the LCC by reviewing the following resources.

What do I need to know as a Facilitator?

Facilitator Guide

We created a short Facilitator Guide to highlight some key information for the amazing community members that will be sharing their practice during LCC.

What is the bus schedule and do I need to pay for parking if I take my own car?

Bus Schedule - Cornwall/Brockville to/from Kingston

DAY ONE - May 22, 2024

Wednesday, May 22 - Morning

Wednesday, May 22 - Afternoon

DAY TWO - May 23, 2024

Thursday, May 23 - Morning

Thursday, May 23 - Afternoon

Parking Details

The LCC event is committed to promoting sustainability so the college has coordinated bus transportation and will not be providing travel reimbursements for employees that choose to take their own vehicles. Moreover, all employees who choose to take their own vehicles will need to pay for parking.

Employees without an active parking permit can use the HONK app to purchase a daily pass.

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