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Share your Feedback about LCC 2021

We hope you enjoyed LCC this year as we welcomed a record breaking 568 registrations (compared to 487 in 2019)!

This was our first virtual conference as a learning community so this year's feedback survey includes more questions. We apologize for the length but wanted to provide more opportunities to collect your insights on this year's five day event. All submissions are anonymous and we created various opportunities to provide open feedback.

The survey has five sections but some questions use a branching mechanism which will result in additional questions based on your answers. The last question will read "FINAL QUESTION" and will show up after you complete the previous sections.

Follow these steps to complete the feedback survey:

  • Click on the link below (you will be prompted to log into your SLC account)

  • Download the pamphlet with link to the survey

  • Click on the survey link to complete the survey

note: this strategy enables us to secure the feedback link so that only SLC employees can access the link.